Cell phone radiation
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Cell phone and mobile device radiation

The cellular companies admit cell phones discharge electromagnetic radiation, also knowb as EMR, EMF and RF. Health authorities around the world are determined to prove there is direct link between cell phone usage and radiation danger (without an air tube headset ). 
Children and teenagers that use cell phones are five times more likely to get cancer and other diseases, this is the reason health organizations recommend that using air tube headsets that have no metal conductor.
Using your cell phone without air tube earphones on average more than half an hour a day might cause headaches and loss of memory.
Most health organizations recommend to limit the use of cell phones and use air tube headset.

The solution for protection yourself and the ones you love from electromagnetic radiation risks is distancing the phone from the head (brain) Regular (wired metal) or wireless earphones (Bluetooth) might increase the exposure of the brain to cell phone radiation, that why we in safe air tube invest a lot of time to create the air tube headset line of products – wired air tube headset and safe bluetooth air tube headset.

The most simple solution to prevent your head from the cell phone radiation exposure is using radiation free earphones known as Air tube headphones.
Air tube headsets are a new stereophonic earphone headset which conducts the sound waves through hollow acoustic silicone made tubes gilled with air, without any metal conductor wire or speakers. The air tube headset supplies you with high quality sound with SAAT (Stereo Acoustic air tube)TM technology.
The air tube headset saves your health and keep away the fear of the radiation harming your brain. Using air tube headset allows you to listening to music with high quality and clean stereophonic sound and of course without being exposed to the radiation source.

Researches have shown that using a regular headset or simple earphones does not solve the radiation emission problem and using them might increase the radiation danger because their electric wiring that amplifies.


 Air tube headsets distanc 98% of the radiation away from our brain ! “ Safe air tube ” company brings you the best solutions for the electromagnetic radiation problem- such as cell phone radiation blocker case / microwave radiation blocker / air tube without the cell phone radiation . All the products are delivered to the costumer house – free shipping !

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