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Purchase and deliveries terms

Dear customer,
Welcome to the internet shop of “safe air tube”. Customer service is at most important for us, and we want you to be happy with our service. However, there are some rules and regulations enforced by the importers and exporters. Therefore, carefully read this list of regulations. Ordering a product in our website meaning giving your full consent to the terms detailed in here.
Products in the website: the pictures of the products are for illustrations.
If by any reason you have received different product than purchased, you would be able to return it within 7 days from receiving. Sometimes mistakes happen, while entering the price or the description. If such mistake did occur in your purchase we will update you with the correct details and you can approve, or disapprove it. We apologize for any mistakes!

Delivery time: for the convenience of the customers we try to work with the best suppliers fit to the customer’s location, in order to deliver it as quickly as possible. The shipping fee is automatically calculated according to the delivery way chosen. We do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Companies such as FedEx, UPS, EMS, DHL can not deliver packages to the customers without them signing the package and therefore it is important someone will attend the address submitted.
The delivery time is 21 business days since the shipping time and not from the day purchased on the website, only when the product is in stock; Safe air tube does not hold responsible shipping time when the product is not in stock.
If a product is missing in stock, you will be offered an alternative one. If you do not wish to have it, you can cancel your order with no charge.
Warranty and service. The warranty is from the importer, or exporter. Safe air tube is only service provider. The warranty is under the manufacture terms and each product has its own terms.
Payment terms: all the orders are well packaged in order to guarantee your product will get safe. In the purchase page you can choose different payment options.
You can online purchase through phone, or by valid credit card, or by PayPal.
Credit card: the prices are in dollars and include VAT as required.
Paying in credit card is under the credit card terms.
Paying with credit card will be in one payment, unless chosen otherwise.
You can telephonically give the credit card details to the customer service.
Cancelling your order and products return: you may return the products you purchased on the website within 14 days upon receiving them, in their original package and without opening or using them. You will get your money back, cleaning the shipping fee and 5% of the purchase value. Cancelling the purchase by the client will cost 40 NIS. If any shipping expenses exist the will be added. Returning products after more than 14 days or products opened or damaged the package will get the part of the money according to the exclusive discretion of safe air tube. Safe air tube does not hold responsibility to any re-sent package.
Customer service and contact: we try to answer any questions and problems of our customers.
For customer service questions address ziv@getsafe.co.il. You can also talk with our representatives at the telephonic customer service: +972-77-401-2150

Since the store has thousands of customers we are busy answering the phone and therefore the lines are busy.


 Air tube headsets distanc 98% of the radiation away from our brain ! “ Safe air tube ” company brings you the best solutions for the electromagnetic radiation problem- such as cell phone radiation blocker case / microwave radiation blocker / air tube without the cell phone radiation . All the products are delivered to the costumer house – free shipping !

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