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There are many questions about radiation and its influence. In this page you can find some answers to those questions.
If you did not find the answer you were looking for, go on contact us and we will reply your question and publish it in our FAQ page.

Questions about radiation

 What is electromagnetic radiation? 
 How do air tube work? 
 What is non-ionized radiation? 
 What is the broadcast power of cell phone? 
 How do we measure level of exposure and what does it dependent upon? What is SAR? 
 How do we know what is the SAR level from the phone? 
 Does the phone discharge radio radiation only while talking? 
 Which part of the body is exposed to radiation? 
 Does lower SAR level meaning safer phone? 
 Do I still absorb radiation if I use air tube? 
 Does anti-radiation tube exist? 
 How do we match air tube to cell phone? 
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