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About Us

We live in a crazy world and we believe in making it a bit better and a safer place, just in a Cool and fashionable way.
So we went and invented a super cool air-tube headset that is totally free of metal wiring, and named it EchoTubeZ®. It’s a small, smart and ultra-safe headset that distances all electro-magnetic radiation from your cell phone, while maintaining a crisp rich sound. Built to deal with all electromagnetic radition also known as EMR or RF. 

Why did we do it? Well After our founder and CEO lost a family member to brain cancer he decided that something has to change, and while World Health Organization are making up their mind on this matter (and while more people are dying) he was the first one to make cell phone usage safer.

Scientific research shows that what the public knows today about cellular radiation is what they thought they knew about cigarettes 20 years ago.

Maybe you heard that there’s no conclusive study that shows for a fact that EMR may be bad for your health. However the World Health Organization has declared EMR as a possible carcinogenic, so on one thing there’s no argument – by surrounding yourself with cellular devices you are gambling with your health- “all in”. It took decades for scientists and the vast public to figure out that asbestos and cigarettes cause cancer and other health diseases. We are very happy to see that you did not decide to wait.

Being subjected to very aggressive emission like radio frequency and electromagnetic fields Definitely requires protection. Even the manual that comes along with your cell phone advises you to distance you’re cell phone from your head when talking, ever wonder why?
Using a regular wired head set does not help, metal conducts radiation!
The headset you purchased is indeed the solution for distancing dangerous radiation from your sensitive head and ear.



 Air tube headsets distanc 98% of the radiation away from our brain ! “ Safe air tube ” company brings you the best solutions for the electromagnetic radiation problem- such as cell phone radiation blocker case / microwave radiation blocker / air tube without the cell phone radiation . All the products are delivered to the costumer house – free shipping !

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