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Air Tube Headset

A new international patent – stereophonic ears with hollow air tube that transfer the sound waves into your ears with no radiation of your cell phone.

Air tubes are stereophonic ears (the sound is heard in both channels –right and left) that unlike ordinary earphones, in which the metal wire transfers the radiation into the head, transfer only the sound waves without transferring the radiation into your brain. The air tubes are like a doctor’s stethoscope, they transfer only the sound waves through hollow transparent silicone pipes and so the sounds transfer acoustically and your head is protected from electromagnetic radiation.

Here is a link to a story from Fox News network about the discharged radiation from your cell phone. You can see the efficiency of Air Tube by the measuring device which measures the radiation levels when the air tubes are used and when they are not used. It is a must seen!


About Cell Phone Radiation

  • The cellular companies admit cell phones discharge electromagnetic radiation
  • Health ministers around the globe determined there is direct link between using cell phone and center epidemic
  • Children and youth who use cell phone are five times more likely to get cancer.
  • Using your cell phone with no earphones on average more than 2 hours a day might cause headaches and loss of memory.
  • Most health organizations recommend their costumers to limit their use of the cell phone
  • The solution for protection from radiation risks is distancing the phone from the head (brain)
  • Regular or wireless earphones might increase the exposure of the brain to cell phone radiation.
  • The simplest most claimed solution to prevent our head from the cell phone radiation exposure is using non-radiation earphones.

Waht is Air Tube Headset ?

Air Tube are new stereophonic earphone which conduct the sound waves through hollow acoustic silicone made tube, without metal conducter and high quality sounds with SAAT ( Stereo Acoustic air) TM Technology. Using air tube allows you to completely enjoy the experience:

Talking on your cell phone without the fear of the radiation harming your brain and also listening to music with high quality and clean stereophonic sounds and of course without exposing yourself to the radiation source.

Researches have shown that using normal wireless earphone, or simple earphones do not solve the cell phone radiation problem and using them might increase the radiation danger because their electric wire as amplifier might directly conduct the radiation into your ear and increase our brain’s exposure to cell phone radiation. Air tube are equipped with air conducting sound technology and therefore cancels this fear. Air tube do not include any metal components inside the ear and head area. A test done by EMI Test Labs Ltd- labs which are specialized in radiation testing and as famous as FCC and EMCC European Lab (among the most harsh in the world) found that using air tube reduces the electromagnetic radiation parameters in 98%.

Using stereophonic air tube is simple, safe and recommended by experts of cell phone radiation dangers from all around the world.

To conclude, air tube distances the radiation from our head by converting the electric signals into sound-waves and conducting them through hollow silicone tubes that do not conduct radiation. We have connection to all of the cellular companies such as: Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, Apple, Blackberry, LG and etc.



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